Saturday, December 5, 2009

Should I stop asking makeup questions and giving advice?

I have to post answers to ask questions! Are girls offended because of my preferences? If I said girls should wear NO makeup,or a little bit, would they complain? Because I'm a boy do I HAVE to post Q%26amp;A about motorbikes, football or music? I am interested in this stuff but I am also interested in beautiful girls! Girls are interested in guys stuff so why shouldnt I be interested in beauty? OK I am obsessed, in all my interests I am obsessed! I love girls who have fascinating looks! Why do I have to like boring stuff? I love the Arabic hair %26amp; makeup look so of course I would encourage it so I can see more beautiful(my tastes) girls! People have their choice I am not forcing anyone!Should I stop asking makeup questions and giving advice?
No, don't stop asking questions or anything. You have different interests, you don't have to post questions about sports or music. Everyone's different, don't pretend we aren't.

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