Friday, December 11, 2009

Makeup advice?

Hi, I am an eighteen year old in desperate need of makeup advice. I have pale skin and blue/green eyes (predominately green though).

I already have a great foundation from Avon which I love.

I am looking for the best liquid eyeliners (Australian or well known brands available here). Also tips on how to use it.

Colour and product suggestions for eyeshadow?


Any other suggestions tips for a look I can use?

P.S - I have brown hair. Acne prone skin.

THANK YOU so much!Makeup advice?
MAC Makeup is godsend

MAC eyeliner is brilliant as well as all they're foundation brushes and blush brushes (they are quite expensive though)

but if you're looking for fun, quirky, bold eyeshadow then definitely invest in some MAC eyeshadow, they come in little pots and are $20-30 i think

if you're struggling with looks and stuff, why not go to your favourite makeup retailer and do a trial, at some places (like Revlon, Mac etc) you can spend around $90 and get makeup and a makeup trial done.

i personally think that red cheeks (subtle red!) look nice on those with pale skin and green/blue eyes.

with green/blue eyes try light colours, with blue eyes go for golds and shimmery colours

with green eyes go for purple and browns.

go for a light and natural look, not much heavy makeup but alot of mascaraMakeup advice?
Ive searched and searched and discouvered the best liquid eyeliner is clinique . It goes for about $33 in Australia.

To aply u will need to practice.for better results rest the elbow of the arm u are using to apply the liner on something in a comfy position.

I find Lancome very good for mascara.

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