Friday, December 11, 2009

I need advice on my eye makeup for prom?

I have red hair and I have fair skin. I am wearing a light green dress with silver beaded flowers, silver shoes, and jewelry.I need advice on my eye makeup for prom?
Try and click on Virtual Makeovers. They have face models that you can try different colors on.I need advice on my eye makeup for prom?
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i will suggest a little black eyeliner also put light green eyeshadow matching your dress and maybe a little of silver. try to make it as simple as you can . be natural and do not use something that will overcharge your outfit!. good luck!
Do Earthy colors but I would think u use a dark green on a lower part then it gets lighter as high as it goes!
What about a soft line of green eye shadow just above your eye, and a light silver shadow covering the rest of your eye. no eye liner and a little bit of mascara. Good luck
ok heres what you do you use this called Yakity Yak and you can get it almost any drug store get it in like three different colors like green,light green, white and a greenish blue make sure every color except the white has glitter and put the white on first so the colors aren't to dark... and then put the green one the bottom of the eyelid and then work the other colors the same going a little higher the get a small brush blush and blend the colors together...and pick any color you want and put a thin line under your bottom eyelashes and then your done... Hope This Helps!!!
You have the same coloring as I do! I would go with a brown/black eyeliner with a silvery highlight shadow and charcoal contour shadow. go with a neutral blush and lipstick/gloss.
what a pretty combination of colors. I'd say go easy on eye make up and do bold red lips. for eyes specifically try a pale peach gold on lids and blend a tannish brown into ur creases and outer corner. then use a shimmery white for ur inner corners and brow bone. Oh yeah and lots of lash like fake lashes and black mascara. this look will make a statement and will guarantee to make u the prettiest gurl there!!! :)
Okay well where a darker green on your eyelid on the bottem part. then as you go higher start going with a lighter green and then on the top do a light peach color. I do that and people give me great compliments.

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