Wednesday, December 2, 2009

May I have some makeup advice from a lady? Mature, understanding answers only please.?

I bought some makeup not too long ago and I realized though that I should wear makeup because I want to, not because somebody told me I should. What should I do with the makeup I bought? Should I keep the makeup and use it or get rid of it? May I have some makeup advice from a lady? Mature, understanding answers only please.?
if you want to use it, keep it!!! don't get rid of it either way, because u never know when you might want to use it.May I have some makeup advice from a lady? Mature, understanding answers only please.?
It would be nice to know what type of makeup you purchased, however i think you should keep it. You never know when an event or special occassion will come up that you need that little bit extra effort for. Or you might even get an allergy or rash that you suddenly need to cover up.

If you keep it for over a year, you will need to throw it out, because, like food, makeup has expiry dates. Mascara is only good for use in the first year of purchase, the same with eyeliner.Foundation should be renewed more often then mascara because it goes directly onto your skin and after a while the UV benefits and vitamins they may have in it will slowly diminish.

Eyeshadow can keep for up to 5 years, It may just fade or loose some of its 'shimmer'.

If you are not that much of a makeup person then all i suggest having on hand is primer (i love napolean perdis's 'auto pilot'), tinted moisturiser, concealer, and mascara.

Good luck =]
It can't hurt to keep it, just because you don't want/need to wear it doesn't mean you won't want to use a little mascara for a wedding, or a little eyeliner for a night out. Getting rid of it would be kind of a waste. What you could do is keep it for around 3 months to a year, if you use it at all during that period, then keep it around for a little while longer, if not, throw it out.
alright, so i'm not a lady but i'm sixteen and learning :)

i wear make-up because it makes me feel better.

however, i also wear it because it makes me look slightly better.

so you could say, yeah i wear it because i want to.

nobody can tell you what to do, and what not to do.

if you want to wear make-up, go for it!

if you don't, nobody'll force you into wearing it.

sometimes it's best to have make-up at hand, if maybe you want to feel a little better about yourself, or if you're going out somewhere special.

i think you should keep the make-up, because we all change our minds.

:) hope this helps.
If you wanna wear it then keep it. If you never will use it ever again, trash it. But then again I CANT ANSWER THIS BECAUSE IM NOT A LADY!! :P

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