Friday, December 11, 2009

Makeup advice!?

ok i luvv to wear eyeshadow and mascara and eyeliner, but im an amuture and the eyeliner. i cant figure out how to put it on the top. any1 no how i can easily put eyeliner on without blinking like crazy and messin it all up??Makeup advice!?
didnt i show u this b4?!?!?!?!?! lol ok ONCE AGAIN u hold yer eye closed with yer left hand and draw with yer write hand u dont need to have yer eye open while applying it and u draw little sweeps across the lash lineMakeup advice!?
for me liquid eyeliner is easier to put on top of your eye
I just hold down my eyelid by stretching it towards my temple, so it stays in place, wait till the liquid liner dries, and then let go.

Works all the time!

This is the home site to one of the best makeup artists of today.

Click on ';Step-by-step makeup application'; and go through the process of putting on makeup from start to finish.
Put it on your liquid line (above your bottom eyelashes next to your eye). Buy Smolder Eye Kohl from MAC. Its really easy to apply and doesnt run.
you just need practice.
I agree with CJ. I have been putting on eyeliner for years and I still blink. I also put my finger at the outside edge of my eye and pull towards my ear, while doing that I put on the eyeliner. People say that it might create wrinkles?
just try and think about not blinking. you need practice with make-up but trust me you'll get it. if you do mess it up just grab a Q tip and make it a perfect line. hope this helps!
Put your finger at the side of our eye and stretch the skin. it will flatten your top lid and give you more control. It will make help you to not blink everytime you try to apply the eyeliner.
well,keep ur eye(closed or open) as steady as possible,and glide the liner as quick as u can,but becareful,dont put on too much,itll make u look cheap
I always close my eyes when I put eyeliner on my top lid. It's a lot easier in my opinion.
just close ur eye and look at it w/ ur other eye
well some people don't even put eyliner on the part under the lashes, you can put it on right over the lashes and it will look good without it hurting. All you have to do is work on making it a straight line.

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