Friday, December 11, 2009

Advice for a 12 year old about makeup and clothes?

Ok so my mom does let mewhere makeup she said whatever i want because she thinks I am responsible and doesnt see the big deal I already where eyeliner,eyeshadow and mascara so can somebody give me tips on what else should be in my ';makeup bag';?? and also what are something every 12 year olds should hav ein their closets?? tHANKS lUIAdvice for a 12 year old about makeup and clothes?
helluh skinny jeans (all colors)Advice for a 12 year old about makeup and clothes?
Well you should definitely have pressed powder and eyelash curlers. Those are my essentials.

For clothes:

Jean mini skirts

Fluffy linen-type skirts

Denim and twill shorts

T shirts


Cami's and tanks

A variety of shoes

Skinny, bootcut, and sriaght leg jeans in a large assortment of shades. Flares if you like them.
lip gloss or lipstick if ur that kind of girl in ur closet should be at least one pair of three in. heels two bubble dresses tons of skinny jeans and som cute hightops or vans oh and cute handbags
Oil Blotters for ur skin. Ur skin will thank you. Ballet flats are awesome!

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