Friday, December 11, 2009

Makeup advice?

I have marks and scars across my face.. which look unsightly. Also, my chin and forehead suffer from hyperpigmentation.

Would anyone care to help?

Thanks xxMakeup advice?
there is a product called DERMABLEND made specifically for covering scars and uneven skin tone.Makeup advice?
Brink neem juice/ apply neem face packs
Free beauty tips on Makeup/Hair styles

Also read.......natural and homemade methods to:

Skincare/Acne cure/Blemishes/Whiteheads/Blackheads/


Haircare/Dandruff/Hairloss/Hair removal/

Henna on hair/Splitends/


Eye care/Darkcircles/Puffiness

Makeup/Hair styles
Hi - Now a days, it can all disappear in a few weeks time, with little care...Use..products like NO MARKS / ERASER, ETC...

Cheer Up....

First Feel Beautifull...then you'll be surely looking Nicer by the day... (dont feel bad about what i said)
first u gotta take care of ur skin..cleanse,moisturise then apply some lightening cream to diminish da scars and marks.
First you need to treat those mark and scars, go to the drug store and buy some Vitamin-E caps or Coco Butter.....apply it to your face every night, that will help fade the marks, also even out skin tone, use a face wash for your skin type.

As for make-up Try these Avon product, they work wonders;

BEYOND COLOR Radiant Lifting Concealer

BEYOND COLOR Line Softening Mousse Foundation

Try the Za'a true white essence that help you to get rid of dark spots ans acne scar...i've heard my friend said it's effective...good luck.
try ur best to get the face lift but be a nice human being which matters most.
apply revlon colorstay concealer
Go to Sephora... they have this fantastic brand called Smashbox... the foundation is called Photo finish and it fills in scars and things like that. Go to sepora- they could help you
Dermablend for maximum coverage. Sheer Cover also claims to help.
Buy some concealer, foundation and a pressed powder.
get some good foundation
Find a concealer closely matched to the colour of your skin, but with a hint of yellow. (Yellow cancels out purple as it is the opposite colour in the spectrum to it). Apply it using a thin tipped brush for precision. Pat it gently with your finger so that it doesn't’t show, and then fix in place with loose powder. Then brush away the excess loose powder using a powder brush.

* To conceal a blemish, start by applying Visine to a Qtip and applying it directly on the blemish. This will instantly reduce any redness. Then apply a concealer the same color as your foundation directly onto the blemish. It's best to use a synthetic brush for this. After you have applied the concealer, press it in with your finger to blend. This is called a spot concealing. Set with a translucent powder and off you go!
WASH ur face everyday with fuller's earth and scrub ur marks and scars with lemon.In a month or two,u'll find ur marks and scars disappear.And if u need makeup advice,then visit
Read some make up tips on this site also try some home remedies for scars

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