Saturday, December 5, 2009

I need some EMO makeup advice, and i want to die my hair, but what colour should i get?

right now i have strawberry blond hair, very unique:DI need some EMO makeup advice, and i want to die my hair, but what colour should i get?

america is kinda dumb


i would keep your hair

if you get deep side bangs that you pull over your forehead will look cute

and use anycolor eyeliner and connect it top and bottom

and you can add extra on the outside to make cat eyes :)

2-3 coats mascara, and i like to do, maroon on lids, dark grey on crease, and silver on brow bone for eyeshadow

its dark but not like screaming HI IM EMO!


powder if you want a porslin face look

which helps

but make sure you get your shade

don't have a white face

hahaI need some EMO makeup advice, and i want to die my hair, but what colour should i get?
+ Eyeliner [[Along Top %26amp; Bottom Lashesz]]

+ Mascara Will Make Yah Eyesz Stand Out

+ And For Yah Hair;

iThink Yoo Should Get It Layered, Cut To A Bit Below Tha Shoulder [[Not Too Short]], Dye It Black, %26amp; Tha Dye Tha Bottomsz Of Tha Layersz Hot Pink...

If Yah Get Mee..?

Hope It Helpsz..Ox
black w/ red or blue in it!!

Hope I Helped!
i think u should either bleach ur hair or make it black, then use bright colored highlights.

and hvae those bangs that are like spiky-ish that are always in ur face lol.

also just eyeliner is cute, in any color.

i like greeen and black
black of coarse!
here r some links i hope they help
if you really want to go emo... dye it black.

then get some awesome color in it...

like a purple, or blue.

(i'm not emo, but i've known some emo people)

but on the other hand, strawberry blonde hair is already gorgeous, so i myself wouldn't dye it.

you may never get that color back if you dye it too dark.

hope that helps
Don't put emo makeup on, it'll cut your face.
emo ay.

black eyeliner

heavy. dark purple;;


blakc eyeshadow.

and for hair. if your going

for the emo look black

layred into pieces is cool.

also purple is really cool

but can face quickly.
well the average ';emo'; hair color is Black , or dark dark red. but you may never get your original color back, remember that

Also makeup. EYELINER is key. then black eyeshadow or red/pink.
I would go with a med blond base colour and then do a mocha and light blond foils alternating the two..I am a hairstyisht and these colors go great with any skin tone as well
Excuse me..

emo makeup advice!?

1.your sad if you want to be called an emo

2.theres no such thing

3.You're a wannabe

4.Unique? HAH!

5.You're insulting others if you call it ';emo';


YOU CAN'T BE A GENRE OF MUSIC or you can't call yourself an emotion.

is your make up happy?


because its not emotional

therefore not ';emo';

are you american?

if so..


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