Friday, December 11, 2009

Makeup Advice!?

I am going to a Martina McBride concert with my boyfriend on Saturday and want to get some makeup advice. I have blue eyes and fair skin. It's a night concert not day. any advice is great!Makeup Advice!?
Since it's at night- Eyes: Dark Purples and Dark Browns OR some pretty green eye shadows. Usually light AND dark colors work at night. Dark Brown or Black Eyeliner on the middle of the bottom lid to the outside corner. Then use Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara. Some pinkish-brown lipstick w/ clear lip gloss over them. Now, use some Subtle Bronzer and pinkish Blush.

Hair- You can probably just REALLY straighten it OR u could do some curls. You'll look good! Have fun!Makeup Advice!?
black eyeliner not thick laveder eyeshadow or a light brown color black mascara light blush and lipgloss
light blue eyeshdow


LIGHT mascara
Lavender eyeshadow, pale glossy lips and light pink cheek. I saw this look in a magazine and it was very pretty.

Best Wishes


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