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Im somebody who usuallly doesnt wear makeup and i need advice?

I dont know what kind of makeup works best or how to even put in on. I need help on what i need and how to use it. A website with a video or advice will be good.Advice from you would be even better.Im somebody who usuallly doesnt wear makeup and i need advice?
If you're under 16 make-up you might want to try is lipgloss, mascara and concealer. To do these, choose a pale nude lipgloss and apply it on your lips (easy, obviously). Concealer should be dabbed with a clean finger on dark areas or spots until it blends with your skin (obviously choosing a shade that matches your skintone is a must for this). Then invest in an eyelash curler and curl your lashes carefully. Pull the mascara wand up your eyelashes as you try keep your eyes open. A good way to keep steady is to keep your mouth open when you do this. Maybe try a creme blush to. Just pull a dab on the highest part or the apple of your cheek (depending on how your face is shaped) and rub it in for a natural glow.

If you want to try foundation etc and the more complicated make-up it wopuld be in your best interest to go to your nearest department store's make-up counter and ask for some help in application and choosing the right shade. A general rule though is blend blend blend and the right shade.

Also if you start wearing make-up you must invest in a good make-up remover as it isn't good for your skin to keep it on over night; it clogs your pores therefore giving you less glowy skin. Hope this helps!Im somebody who usuallly doesnt wear makeup and i need advice?
Have fun playing with color with the Virtual Makeover tool on this website! Just choose a model closest to your skin tone and eye color and you鈥檒l love your new look!鈥?/a>

You can also get great Application Tips for lips and eyes.鈥?/a>
Message me!! Tell me your skin color and eye color, your price range! I will give you everything from colors, application, prices, brands you name it, i've helped many people with similar problems!
you look fine to me.
go here
I usually copy and paste my answer, but this link has pictures and step-by-step instructions.鈥?/a>
First apply concealer under the eyes, chin, nose, and between both eyebrows w/ a brush. Then apply foundation and power, following w/ eye shadow then eye liner and then curl eyelashes and finish w/ mascara. Last apply blush powder and lipstick or gloss. For a more natural look use neutral color for eye shadow and maybe no liner only mascara and a soft blush and lipstick with lip gloss.
The most important thing with makeup is SKIN CARE! Here is everything you need:

Skin Care

- Cleanser

- Exfoliant

- Toner/Freshener

- Moisturizer


- Concealer (if necessary for dark circles/imperfections)

- Foundation (cream or powder)

- Loose Powder (for a more flawless finish)

- Eye Color

- Eyeliner

- Mascara

- Cheek Color

- Lip Liner

- Lipstick and/or Gloss

To find out what colors can work for you, go to鈥?/a> and try the Virtual Makeover. You select the model that best represents your skin tone and eye color, and it will give you a bunch of color options that you can mix and match to customize a look.

To learn how to apply your makeup, check out the Application Tips section on the same website. It will give you step by step, detailed information for applying makeup to your eyes and lips, as well as give you the order of application. Make sure you have your speakers on so that you hear everything!

Hope all of this helps. =)
ok. this is gonna B really long, so here is a summary of it: when u go 2 the store, look 4 labels like cool , warm, and neutral. get products with your tone.

if u r cool-toned:

your skin is pinkish, rosy, olive, ebony, and/or very light/porcelelain,

your natural hair color is light brown, dark brown, black, and/or ash blonde,

u burn easily in the sun,

u look better in bright white than cream, and/or

u look good in silver

if u r warm-toned:

your skin is yellow, golden brown, warm peach, and/or has freckles,

your natural hair color is brown, golden brown, strawberry blonde, red, and/or auburn,

u tan easily in the sun,

u look better in cream than bright white,

u look good in gold.

if it says neutral on the label, u can wear it 4 sure, cause it should look good on cools and warms. :)
depends what you want to try, pick the right colour foundation, blush and mascara, keep it simple and natural- looks the best.
I enjoy wearing body glitter, clear lipgloss, and maybe a little eyeshadow. I think Bed Bath and Beyond has the ';funstuff'; brand make-up. It's really good for tweens and young teens that aren't allowed to wear much. It's mostly glitters, lipglosses, and really good smelling fruity perfume. I like it...and I'm in highschool!

I know a lot about the different types of make if you wanna know how to apply the bigger stuff, then just ask another makeup question and I'll give you a lot of will be a long answer though :)
i don't wear it much either was always told growing up if you wear it when your young you will have to wear it when your older.but alot of people tell me i don't look my age as and older female.but you could go to a mall like belks and they do give free make overs and they will match everything to your skin tone.

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