Friday, December 11, 2009

Makeup advice..............?

I don't know what to do. i bought this foundation from boots that is made for oily skin. I want to wear it without looking horrible with really noticable foundation lines and looking orange.

I also want to know what colour eyeshadow would look right with blue eyes because i have lots of eyeshadows but I don't know if they look right.

What should I do?Makeup advice..............?
To avoid foundation lines just make sure that you blend well into your neck. Don't stop at your chin!!

If that color looks orange on you that it must be the wrong shade, and you will have to trash it.

A have blue eyes too and I have found that golds and plums look very good. They say that blue eye's should not use blue eyeshadow but I'm kinda daring and I find that I like greens and blues if I use it like an eyeliner or just in the outer corners.

Just take lots of time and play around and find what looks good to you. Blend different colors together and use different techniques.Makeup advice..............?
What kind of skin do you have? If you're relatively acne-free, all you need is a tinted moisturizer (Cover Girl makes some good stuff) and a good loose powder (I like Physician's Formula).

Eyeshadow is tough because we don't know what you look like. Try to keep it earthy so your shadow doesn't draw attention from your blue eyes. If you like color, try a bright eye liner (I 鈾?teal!) and line your eyes with it in addition to using a SHEER shimmery shadow.
You want me to make up advice? Okay, here goes...

Never wear matching socks on a Thursday. This is the key to being healthy and wealthy for life.
for the foundation if you apply it with a makeup sponge it will be even, and if you put face powder a shade lighter then your foundation and about the same shade as your skin it will look more natural.

For the eyeshadow, Colors that look good on blue eyes would be Pink, Brown, Sometimes blue ((dependeing on the way you wear it )).
First, I guess the rule of thumb is to test the foundation on the back of your hand and see how it blends. If it blends well on your hand, it should work for your face. I am pretty fair skinned and have pretty strong pink undertones. If I am not sure of the shade of foundation I should get, I always get it a little lighter. I find that the lighter shade usually blends better than the dark.

Hope this helps:)
Try It is made from natural ingredients and gives your skin a lovely natural look. It doesn't look orange.
alright i study makeup so here i go... well first off if you bought the foundation did you buy the right color?? and if its a bit dark or a bit light when you apply it, apply it all the way to your neck, like right under your jaw and apply it the very ends of your face [like where your ears begin] and then buy a powder to put over it, to even it out. if its too dark buy a light powder. also after applying the foundation rub a cotton ball lightly over it to remove excess and rub the cotton ball from the edges of your face and jaw outwards [away from your face] to even out the edge.]

eyeshadow.. depends on hair and skin

blonde hair -- blue eyes -- light /dark skin = blues, browns, with brown eyeliner and brown/black mascara.

brown hair -- blue eyes -- light or dark skin = browns, light pinks, purples, greens, no blue though it will take from your eyes.

black hair -- blue eyes-- light or dark skin = any color except brown [clash with your hair]
barry m dazzle dust is the best eyeshadow
Just don't put alot on, make sure the layer of foundation is thin and try to put on as little as possible on line/wrinkles and just use a powder on them. When putting powder on around the mouth area blow out your cheeks so that the powder doesn't settle in the lines.

The best colour eyeshadows for blue eyes are violets and I read.


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