Saturday, December 5, 2009

I need/want good makeup advice, not some shitty pre-teen stuff.?

So I'm basically a really light shade of brown, and I usually put liquid eyeliner on top of my eyes, used to put on the bottom.

Some beige eyeshadow and mascara. I want ideas for what I can do to enhance my apperance!I need/want good makeup advice, not some shitty pre-teen stuff.?
Black eyeliner actually makes your face look overtired i heard. But one eyeliner that looks great, especially for a dramatic look is gold eyeliner. Victoria's secret has a great one in beauty rush. Also the colors that would look good on you are gold, vanilla(as a base), shades of purple and violet, and deep shades of brown.These will really make your eyes stand out. And of course the smokey eye if you're going to a party or anything of the sort. I hope this helps!I need/want good makeup advice, not some shitty pre-teen stuff.?
yeah. the mac store does the best makeup. I take my girlfriend there all the time. they do so much stuff there. i mean computers, ipods, makeup, hair cutting, and a lot of sweet stuff. but yeah, you should go to the mac store, they make you look sexy
buy an Allure magazine-has step by step instructions of how to apply makeup,and make an appointment at the Mac store to get your makeup done,and buy some Mac make up too. they have the best colors and those makeup artists can teach you properly
Youtube tutorials are great!!

Those two are my favorites.
Smokey Eyes are in style.

Instead of beige...try browns and blues even gold.

You can also mix the colors
If you include a picture it might help people determine what colors would look best on you.
add some blush, shimmery eye shadow and clear lip gloss.

don't use liquid on the bottom.

add a white/cream color to the corner of your eyes (tear ducts)

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