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Im young and need makeup advice?

i am 14 and want to wear makeup. I dont want to wear much, but i want to make it look natural. Are there any tips on how to make my makeup look natural??Im young and need makeup advice?
Use a tinted moisturizer, not foundation . Well, if you need foundation then use a little and match your skintone ! I know lots of girls at my school that use foundation 3 shades darker than their skin and it looks orange and gross . And it is very obvious . Use one coat of a soft black mascara on top and bottom lashes . And maybe a little brown eyeliner on your top and bottom lashline , except go 3/4 across the top and halfway on the bottom . Use a shiny sheer pink lip gloss (:Im young and need makeup advice?
mascara and lipgloss
mascara, lip gloss, %26amp; foundation, and if you would like than also eyeshadow.

for the mascara apply it as you normally would maybe without curling your lashes

lip gloss- pick a color that matches too your skin nothing to exotic looking like a deep purple or blue.

foundation- only use it if you need too, dont apply to much %26amp; make sure it matches your skin tone.

eyeshadow- pick a natural looking color ex. peach, light pink, cream, brown, %26amp; etc. something that would look good.

also to make sure your makeup looks natural dont cake it on, %26amp; make sure not to look orange
Some sheer pink lip gloss and a bit of mascara--you'll look fresh and natural.

OR...there are products now that adjust their colors to your own skin tone. Check out the cherry crush lip and cheek stain by Stila.…

I'm thinking that would prolly look very natural.
ok i am also 14 and i have worn makeup for about a year now. if you have any blemishes, try a natural foundation. i first put on a medium tone of liquid, and then about the same tone, of powder. i would put some down your neck to your chest, so it doesnt look like a mask or anything. and maybe a little eyeliner. but mascara, i think you should go for that. just don't get bright colors. get natural, broad colors. i hope this helps ^.^
Go with mostly neutral tones (browns, light pinks, etc.) Don't wear anything too flashy. If you're hair isn't dark, don't wear black mascara. Go with brown instead. Eyeliner could work, but the same rule applies for it as does the mascara, and be careful not to put it on too heavy. Hope I helped!
just get some that kinda blend in with your skin tone
you can use as much makeup as you want but as long as you can make it look natural which means don't use a lot a little goes a long way
mascara. blush. lipgloss. eyeshadow.
first of all, NO BLUSH, much too obvious.
Honestly, I wouldn't start wearing makeup until you actually need it. Makeup, if it isn't oil free, can make your face break out, and once you start wearing it you sort of become addicted to it. If you really want some though, don't start out with too much concealer, go for a light bronzer. For your eyes do a light color for shadow, not blue. Try light pink or a brownish, and don't be too heavy on the eye liner. Mascara isn't really that necessary unless you have really small eye lashes. Lipstick isn't necessary either since you're pretty young, I'd go with a nice light lip gloss.

lip gloss

and thats it!
first of all, make sure your rents are okay with it.

start with the basics, then when you get comfortable with them, start using more.

i'd start with foundation for a clear complexion, lip gloss, and mascara. then after a while, try adding in eyeshadow, concealer, lipstick, and eyeliner after a while if you're ready...
just put on some mascara!

dramatic effect with little effort :)
just a little mascara and a little light pink or green eye shadow with light lip gloss. it really depends on what you look like. post another question wit a pic.
use lip gloss without any color not a lot though, maybe put eye shadow on that is close to ur skin color. and maybe a little blush just a tenny wenny
Now this is my kind of question. I'm also fourteen but I've been wearing makeup for a few years now. I started out with just eyeliner. But since you haven't been wearing it as long as I have, I'd so go get some mineral powder from a CVS or Rite Aid. Make sure it matches your skin tone and be sure to wash your face every morning and night to keep your pores from getting clogged. Then I think all you'll need is mascara and eyeliner for night time but you should wear it very light in the daytime. Hope this helps.
yeeah, mascara, or a bit of foundation that really matches your skin, or just a little blush will give that ';rosy effect';
If you wanna wear foundation and powder

find one that isnt too thick and heavy.

but just some lip gloss mascara and a lil bit of eyeshadow.

and with the lip gloss get a clear or light pink one. the eyeshadow, go light.

it depends on what your skin tone is and your hair color.

light brown and light pink go good with about any hair color.
Ask your mom to take you to the Clinique counter at a department store. They specialize in makeup for younger skin and can actually teach you correct techniques for makeup application.

I should mention, though: I won't allow my daughter to wear makeup until high school, except for lip balm. Your mom may feel the same way.
to get a neutral look use a nude-brown eye shadow, if you want to open your eyes more put a little liquid eye liner one the tip where your eye lashes are. then lip gloss thats it

o you can wear eyeliner on the bottom too but not 2 much
Dont, makeup ruins your skin in the long run
I'm 13 and i make my make-up natural.

Here are my tips on some common products:

If you are very fair, blush will probably look more natural. When you put it on, you shouldn't see that much of a change, keep it subtle.

If you are from like fair side of medium on, bronzer will probably look more natural. Try a multi-colored bronzer, looks more sun kissed.


Go for a black brown or a regular black. Not jet black, if only brown and black are offered, choose brown.


Go for brown instead of black. Don't be afraid to buy other colors, just apply thin. Unless it's a very light color, only line upper or lower.


Go for light colors.

Lip gloss-

Go for nudes and pinks.

If you have under eye circles...

Under eye concealer-

Nothing looks worse than caked under eye make-up. Keep it looking like there's no concealer, that you just don't have circles.
use a lil eyeliner, and mb some eyeshadow and lipgloss i woulnt put on more than that, and remember dont use to muchh! lol =]
Use Arbonne FYI! Products I LOVE THEM!!!!! They r not heavy and gross and oily it is safe naturaul and I love it!
DO NOt and let me repeat DO NOT wear too much black eyeliner it will only make you look extremely fake along with fake eyebrows, and lip liner!!
get a cover up that best matches ur skin tone. also use light eyeshadows and mascara..just wear on ur top lashes. that will help it lok more natural than obvious.
i'm 14 too and i was in the exact same situation. i bought eyeliner, mascara and foundation by miss sporty. it's really good and the foundation looks natural. its sort of a liquid foundation. :)
Same age as you and i put on eye liner and mascara but not too heavy. I wear good fondation on occations. Ands my skins Spot free (could be something to do with me toneing, Cleansing and mousterising every day. Pardon me for my spelling lol. :) good luck if thats the wright thing to day.
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