Saturday, December 5, 2009

Makeup advice for beginner pls?

Hi, i am considiring myself as beginner in make-uping. Currently, i am trying to use foundation, powder. The problem is after 2 3 hours, all it complexly messy up.

Please help me.

And I have oily skin which is have some acne as well.Makeup advice for beginner pls?
check the links below for beauty tips to:-- How to apply makeup - step by step鈥?/a>Makeup advice for beginner pls?
I never use powder over foundation as it makes it clog up. Try a foundation primer then use less foundation and use blotting papers to stop your face from being shiny. If you have acne and not just spots then you should either use an over counter treatment or if thats not working go to see your doctor for treatment to try and get rid of it.
try Bare Escentuals (aka i.d. bare minerals) - a little goes a long way, it' water proof, does not smudge, gives great coverage w/o causing breakouts and irritation, and it looks natural on. i love the stuff!

hope it works for you, too!
heres the best advice anyone can give you here if you live near a collage who do beauty courses they are always looking for clients and its cheap so the person in charge of the class will give you heaps of advice about makeup and acne i can tip you on makeup but with you having acne i can't help you because if i give u advice it could make your acne worse
dont use too much foundation when u have zits

cleanse ur face adn go to teh beauty salon to get lazers for ur zits then use a tiny amount of foundation on ur face smooth in but use a base lik olay tinned tan aswell.(so ur face isnt dry)
Hi, hon. Try a primer first, which will help your makeup adhere to the skin. Also, make sure you have a quality product- some drugstore stuff ain't so great. Third, you shouldn't have a foundation that is ';hydrating'; or ';moisturizing'; or ';dewy'; because your skin is oily. Lastly, try using MAC Blot Powder to set your foundation and touch-up oily areas, rather than adding pressed or loose powder on top, which will alter the appearance of the foundation.
I would not recemmend you to use any base until you make your skin clean and remove acne. As base closes the pores and there is always a chance that more acne will appear.

Use lotions to clean your face, that include neem, coconut oil. White clay is also a very good treatment for problem skin.


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