Saturday, December 5, 2009

Extremely sensitive skin, needing makeup advice?

Saying that my sking is sensative is a joke I have only a few different kinds of makeup that I can use but I want to expand what I have because it is all just basic colors nothing flashy, %26amp; I want to try %26amp; attract the attention of some of the ladies in the local bars, so does anyone have any suggestions of companies that I could tryExtremely sensitive skin, needing makeup advice?
If you are buying cosmetic products that don't have many additives, then a good, affordable one available at most drug stores is Physician's Formula. Also, some of the mineral eye shadows by various drug store brands (I think Neutrogena is one) are now available, and they tend to be thought of as purer ingredient-wise.

If you are able to splurge a bit, ask for make-up advice at an Origin's make-up counter (their products are often sold at Macy's), or go to Sephora. Their consultants can advise of products ideal for your skin type.

Also, make sure to invest in good skin care products

(unless you have already done so) for cleansing, moisturizing, etc., because your skin could be further provoked to ';act up'; if the skin care products you use are some what irritating. A good, gentle, not too expensive cleanser I have heard of for sensitive skin is Cetaphil also found at most drug stores and supermarkets.

Good luck to you!Extremely sensitive skin, needing makeup advice?
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Here's what you can do. Try to where some bobby brown make-up that is your skin color. Then you can try on proactive. You never know,it may work because people talk about how good it works. My sister used to use it and it was working on her and it might work on you.
buy some baree minerals

that stuff is GREEEAT

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