Saturday, December 5, 2009

What should I do makeup advice picture included!?

Theres a picture of me what do you think i should do with my hair and do you think i need makeup...

I used to straighten my hair but i totally damaged it so im just leaving it curly... and i would like to keep it that way... i want to be myself!!!What should I do makeup advice picture included!?
I don't think that you need makeup at all i think you are natural pretty and if you want a messy bun or a pony tail would look good for your hair.What should I do makeup advice picture included!?
You can put a little mascara on the top lid and then eye liner on the bottom and then a light color eye shadow.
you need to condition your hair...get some really good conditioner. you really need it ???
Personally I feel people need makeup, I think it enhances their beauty.

Yes people can be born a natural beauty, but makeup enhances it.

By the picture you look pretty young so maybe you don't need any makeup just yet.

You could leave your hair down as you have it, or you can put it in a ponytail, or have your friends do your hair for you ( friends are great with coming up with cute designs)
ok well you have pretty eyes so eyeliner will really bring out the color of your eyes,mascara,light brown eyeshadow (like light-brown kinda white or just light brown.),actually after eyeliner or mascara u could pick which colors u want to use but use the light brown to look more natural and of course lipgloss and some blush but not red or pink maybe well brown-red. good luck and hope ya look good
if you really want to wear makeup i suggest

a light brown eye liner and maybe some lip gloss (:
mascara and lipgloss- you have beautiful skin and hair
The hair is fine,

But you may want to suggest high-lights,

and Eyeliner(on the top lining) with a little bit of eyeshadow

for make-up
Love your hair; it looks like beach-wave hair...there's a lot of products on the market that can help you coax more ';wave'; out of your locks and help manage humidity, %26amp;tc. Trust your instincts and stay away from products and irons that damage your hair: Shiny, healthy hair beats dry, damaged, frizzy hair *any day*...

As for makeup, you're naturally pretty, so that'd be up to you: if you decide you'd like to wear some for special occasions, maybe a little eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick? Makeup Alley has been a big help to me...maybe take a look at their FOTD forum (faces of the day).

Above all, have fun and be yourself!
You're too cute; I love snub noses (for whatever reason :P).

Anyway, your hair looks fine it's not too frizzy or anything. Your skin is nice too, so forgo foundation. I would advise you to add a bit of eyeliner and mascara, since your eyes are not too defined. But other than that, you do not need too much makeup.
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you dont look like you need makeup :) very pretty.

i love your hair keep it that way lol and only thing I think that lipstick, blush, and mascara, should be good :)
Youre super adorable! I would say on a regular day just put on a very thin line of black eyeliner on the top lid only and then some black mascara on the top only. If youre looking for something a little more glam, put on some eyeshadow that has some sparkle and is a little darker than your skin color or a very neutral color that goes with your skin color. DEFINATELY skip foundation. I don't think even powder is needed. Nice job taking care of your skin!!
honestly, nothing. i feel like you're beautiful just as your are. if you really desire to wear makeup wear foundation/mascara/blush/clear lipgloss, nothing more.
just a little mascara, lip gloss, and blush and you're all set. you don't really need makeup.

you could try wearing your hair up for a different look.
i love your curls, but i would suggest getting side bangs and just straightening your bangs, not your whole head. Oh, when your shampooing make sure you get deep into your roots and also use conditioner, but not too much because that'll maek it graesy.. And for your eyes, use brown eyeliner and brown mascara with lite pink eyeshadow. Lips- just a sheer lip gloss would be perfect and oh, your cheeks; apply a small amount of rose blush! then you'll look amazing! =]

Hope i helped! =]
well your reaally pretty naturally so juse maybe a little liquid eyeliner a do a little cat eye sortaa

and then maybelline has this bronzer in a little round container lookin thing that would do some good as a blush
You have an amazing complexion I wouldn't worry about makeup unless YOU want to. If you do want to start, start out small.. maybe a bit of some mascara and lip gloss with a tint of color
Your hair in that picture is very cute! Keep it curly you look really pretty (in a non homo way) I think some brown eye liner and a light pink lip gloss would look so cute on you. If you want eye shadow i would recommend a light purple or a light green
You don't necessarily need to wear make-up, but if you want to you can!!!

you should just pull the front part/bangs back with a clip!!
Dry it straight so then it won't be THAT curly and you won't be damaging it. Also, you should get layers to add shape around your face. You don't need makeup really but maybe a little mascara (top and bottom lashes..not just top) for special events or when you want to look nice. Good Luckk!
nice hair.

Maybe some mascara %26amp; blush.
if you don't want to straighten your hair and you just want to be yourself then just be yourself. don't use much makeup. a little eye makeup is all you need.
You are fine just the way you are!
a little bit of makeup but not really
1. use conditioner

2. just use eyeliner for makeup..your skin and eyes look really nice
Little bit of mascara. Maybe some blush. Other than that you have very good skin!!! Plus love ur hair mines curly to but i have huge curls. Stay natural.
your skin is perfect! you do not need make up! i started using make up at a young age and now my face is damaged! i used to have perfect skin and i ruined it with make up. and they say make up causes early wrinkles,and thats a no no just wear a little bit of eye make up and your good.if you want to wear foundation which you dont need i would prefer bare minerals.
I, personally would like it if you maybe straightened your bangs, but i like the ';curliness'; of the rest of it. you could try wearing make-up, but your face is perfect w/o it, but if u want try eye shadow, lip gloss, nothing too outrageous tho. Good Luck

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