Saturday, December 5, 2009

Any advice for eye makeup tips for asians?

i want to make my eyes look bigger, but a lot of the fashion tips in the magazines don't apply to me, since my eyes are sharper and smaller. =) any ideas??

thanks!Any advice for eye makeup tips for asians?
i have asian eyes too

for me, i put a darker colored eyeliner(charcoal grey pencil kind) on the outer corners of my top eyelids, and just a little bit on the outer conners of the bottom ones,

when i put eyeshadow, i put darker colors, more near my eyes, and make it lighter as it gets further from my eyes.

i use bronze, with dark brown, and peach colored eyeshadow for exaggerated eyes, and make it shaped, like this:鈥?/a>

then mascara on top eyelashes only.

just get pencil eyeliners, mascara, and eyeshadow that comes in a bunch of shades, and experiment!

good luck, and hope it helpsAny advice for eye makeup tips for asians?
You can pull off really bright eye shadow because the darker eyeshadow will only make your eyes even smaller.

Try to use some false eyelashes or waterproof mascara. It makes your lasher more fuller.

Try to use shimmery eyeshadow to bring out your eyes or a shimmery eyeliner. Try to use white eyeliner or gold eyeliner to bring out your eyes. Bright eyeliner, such as neon can help make your eyes pop. It really puts the focus on your eyes.
curl your eyelashes and use a volumizing mascara (try shiseido lash lift) and limit your eyeliner - line the top %26amp; try not to over do it, leave the bottom waterline alone, because it makes your eyes appear smaller. try using a shimmery beige or white eyeshadow to highlight your brow bones and line the inner corners of your eyes, that way it makes your eyes stand out more =) if you like, use bright eyeshadows to make your eyes pop
I think you should use eyeliner to make them look bigger

but when using eyeliner make it thin when star %26amp; then slowly make the line bigger when it gets in the middle (which makes them more round %26amp; big) then slowly make the line thinner.

%26amp; maybe a dark color ,%26amp; when u put it on make it a little above the eyelid

hope that helps!
deffinently use eyeliner. but on my opinion dont use the liquid eyeliner because its a pain [to me] outline your bottom lashline %26amp; your top lashline. and use volumizing masscara, and maybe gray eye shdow to make them pop.

hope i helped :]
use volumizing mascara and liguid eyeliner really makes your eyes look bigger

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