Friday, December 11, 2009

Need advice on hair and makeup for hispanic (mexican) and black girls?

My cousin is 14 and is having a ';makeover and sleepover party'; where they will be doing hair and makeup. She has asked me to help. Two of the girls coming over are mexican and have long black hair and have average mexican colored tan skin. Two of the girls that are coming over are black. One of the black girls has shoulder length hair and is light brown. The other girl has really short like a couple of inches long hair and is very very dark black skinned. Sorry if that sounds racist, I just don't know how else to describe them. Could someone give some advice about hair and makeup for them?Need advice on hair and makeup for hispanic (mexican) and black girls?
Have them bring some of their mothers make up, or make up from home, for foundation. Pastel and glittery colors look great on really dark skin. Don't let any one at the party share mascara, or eye liner, (you can spread gonorrhea through eye make up.) make sure the blushes and eye make up match in tint, but don't have to match in color, so if you are going for warm colors stay warm if you are going for cool colors stay cool. and then some gloss. If any one knows how to braid that is fun to.Need advice on hair and makeup for hispanic (mexican) and black girls?
ask them what they desire and try out the looks. Thats what its for(the party) i depise the outlining of lips with dark and no fill-in
Iman (the model) wrote a book with pictures in it for women of color. Check it out from your library.
dont put alot of makeup on them, like light colors for my mexican girls... LOL and on da black girls just put dark colores and lip gloss on both...
less is best!!! a lot of make up is tacky from a mans stand point!!!

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