Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pale skin in need some makeup advice?

I have darkish brown hair (which i dye a plum colour), blue/green eyes, very pale skin with rosy, chubby cheeks. Big eyes, small lips and fairly long eyelashes. Oily T zone

I really want some advice on what types of colours, methods and good brands to use. I dont want to spend loads though. Help appreciated.

oh yeh, im 16 and a bit of an eccentric, which is kinda shown in my makeup lolPale skin in need some makeup advice?
OMD your description of yourself is exactly like me, except i have full lips and hazel/green eyes lol.

anyhow, i find boujoir (SP?) or 17 foundations work best. eyeshadows - i love wearing bright leaf green colours or like metalic-y browns.

sometimes wear black eyeliner.

17 blush is the best for pale skin.

macsara has to be either miss sporty xxLONG or 17 (yes again).

eyelash curlers are a must!

and as always a pinky lipgloss so my lips look pretty.

hope this helpedPale skin in need some makeup advice?
go to macy's for help. (:
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