Friday, December 11, 2009

Makeup advice for a black girl?

Ok, I'm 17 and I'm a caramel color and my mom is a few shades darker than me and rarely wears makeup so its kinda hard to get advice from her but I would really like to know where I can get makeup advice from? I have no idea what I should do w/ my eyes and stuff and right now, the only thing I wear is foundation %26amp; lip gloss cuz I don't want to make myself look like a clown by applying the wrong colors...

Is there anywhere online I can go that can help girls who need makeup advice? I'm sooo lost! And if anyone HERE can help me that'd be great =]Makeup advice for a black girl?
Me, my mother, and sister all have different skin complexions, but we all use Fashion Fair. It's for everyone of color and its awesome!

They sell it in Department stores like Jc Penny and what not, so go to their makeup counter, more than likely there will be a AA woman or a woman of color, and she can show you how to apply the makeup and what colors you should wear.

Thats what my mom did when I turned 17 and wanted to start wearing makeup. I still use them till this day.Makeup advice for a black girl?
k im not black but my mom is a cosmetologist, first dont even put foundation, ur skin is beautiful just as it is, for u i suggest black eyeliner, it works wonders!!! and a very shimmery and natural eyeshadow would look wonderful on u

u should always put natural colors so then u LOOK natural, especially for ur skin color, for ur lips i suggest a light brown shimmery gloss too and if u might wanna put some blush try a dark red, good luck! hope this helps!
i would say light pink lip color and blush and maybe soft lavendar eye color and of course MASCARA and LIPGLOSS
I agree with the above answer. Also try the library for artists' books regarding technique and proper color matching.
you can go to the mall and ask one of the consultants for good colors....or Mary Kay people.....they aren't just for old ladies anymore........but go for something natural first......try for a smokey eye......never do blues unless u are super light but still only do a light blue........olive green seems to work sometimes!!!...purple works for me!
Being African American myself I suggest going to a department store that sells makeup for black women and getting a free make over. Bobbi brown and Mac are two o my at the counter you have a variety of choices and excellent lighting

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