Friday, December 11, 2009

Smoky eye makeup advice needed?

I really like the smoky eye look, but when I do it in black, it just seems so harsh, and it becomes a mess after a few hours.

So, I was wondering, for dark brown eyes, do you think the smoky look with dark green kohl would work? Gold eyeshadow (I'm tanned), then dark green all around the eyes?

Or is it too strange?Smoky eye makeup advice needed?
Try Panacea on youtube she did a great Kim Kardashian (not sure its spelt right don't know her) smoky eye it looked ok on me but it would look great on you because you have tanned skin.xSmoky eye makeup advice needed?
When I do the smokey eye I use the covergirl eyeshadow quad, i don't know what the color is called but its the one with the silver,black, purple, and white!

I put the silver on one half of my lid then i put the black on the outer part of the lid and blend it it.

and i line my entire eye.

i hope this helped =]
That is way too strange.


See, if you have dark brown eyes, use a bit of eggplant colored eyeshdow and smudge it itto the eye. right onto the eyelid. then use a dark black pencil, not kohl, and smudge it ontop of the eyesahdow. gold eyeshadow and your good to go!

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