Friday, December 11, 2009

What are some hair/makeup advice?

My daughter is in 6th grade and she keeps asking me how to make her hair ';shiny'; and ';glossy'; and she needs help with her makeup and I dont have any ideas. Help! She has dirty longish blonde hair and a round shape face if that matters. If not just answer the way that you think would be good.What are some hair/makeup advice?
Pantene pro v really makes my hair shinyWhat are some hair/makeup advice?
Well, for the makeup you could buy her some cover-up [if she needs it]. But please tell her NOT to drench herself in make-up. Girls get more made fun of if they wear a lot of make-up then if they are ugly. [Not saying your daughter is]. And buy a variety of colors in eyeshadow. That's all a 6th grader really needs. But don't forget to buy her lip products such as lip gloss and chap stick.


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maybe some shine serum?

you could probably get a cheap one at walmart/target/stop %26amp; shop

try rinsing her hair in cold water too.

ohh %26amp; for the makeup,

i'd say start off with mascara %26amp; lip gloss.

maybe somee powder foundation [if she needs it]

but make sure she washes it off every night andd tell her not to cake it on!

good luck!

Use cold water when showering because it helps prevent frizz. And after towel drying your hair add blow-dry it to wear its a less damp and then add some shine serum and mouse and some straigntening gel if you want it straight. Blow dry it dry and then use the cool shot on your blowdryer- to lock the hir folices faster to prevent frizz and helps wit hthe shine! hope this helped(:
When I was in grade six, i really wanted to wear make up.

My mom simply put a little black eyeshadow along my top lashline with an angle brush.

It's not a lot, but to me, it seemed like a lot.

Ever since then I haven't worn a lot of make up.

If she wants that glossy look at wal mart they have a cream by

Sun Silk that is amazing!!!! :) and i use it to and it works.

and about the make out, just give her a lil eyeliner and mascara for a natural look
Get some shine spray and glossing conditioner from the drugstore..... and dont let her wear makeup she will look like a hoebag.
ya I agree with the first answer --pantene--

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