Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where should I go to get new makeup and makeup advice?

You know, where they sit you down and see what looks good on you. I'm aware that ';The Bay'; does this, anywhere else?

I'm in Calgary, Canada. I don't have a huge budget either.Where should I go to get new makeup and makeup advice?

go to your local department stroe, and there are lost of ladies that are employed to help you look your best by advising you and giving you advice about your make up, avon reps are also very good,

but at the end o the day its your face, so try experimenting first,

afterall you know what you like, if stuck type in google make up applicace videos they do work, because they caught me how to do eyeline,

hop everything works out,

xxWhere should I go to get new makeup and makeup advice?
If you don't have a big budget (hello!!) I would suggest going to Coastal for excellent makeup, and brushes. You can order samples of most of their stuff, for a $1 or $2! But their palettes are the way to go! I have most of them and I love them! And I just got an email that they are offereing 15% off any orders today...not sure if its just for subscribers, but try anyhow.
Sephora has stores in Calgary. Give them a call and see what they say. Also google cosmetics or makeup Calgary cn and see what comes up.
M.A.C. Cosmetics
well i usually get my make up done at a store called ulta. they will know what looks good on you and what doesnt. they are great.

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