Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Are the people who work at cosmetics stores good to get makeup advice from?

I was wondering if I when I am at a store to buy makeup if I should get suggestions from the people working there, are they good or bad at helping? What kinds of things should I tell them and how can I get the best help (stores, books, anything.)Are the people who work at cosmetics stores good to get makeup advice from?
They are very good at helping but if you think what they want you to get isn't the best for you, don't get it! but other than that definetly ask people working there for help.

Tell them you need help finding whatever it is you are looking for and they can ask questions to get the absolute right product.

places to get the best help: (you can email a consultant or look around and find tips.) (you can chat with a live consultant) (again you can chat with consultants or email one) has how to guides and forums that you can post question

Department stores, sephora, or ulta are good places

The following books:

Bobbi Brown (there are many that all work)

Beauty Buyble (this one mostly gives information on the products but helps in application too)

The make-up book (has pictures to help with application

5-minute face (This one has great tips on application and what kind of products to get, but at the end gives you a product shopping guide)

Confessions of a beauty editor (written by the editor of allure it is really helpful)

Also, if you need any more help feel free to email me!Are the people who work at cosmetics stores good to get makeup advice from?
That's like asking if a guy in a lumber yard if he knows anything about a 2X4. The women hired to sell cosmetics had better know something about what they are selling. Do you think they would hire a guy out of plumbing to sell make-up just because he sold the s*** out of plumbing fixtures.
If the store is exclusively a make-up store then the beautician there should be able to help you with what you need, if not then they probably can't help.
If you go into a professional cosmetic store like MAC or Sephora, definitely ask someone. They can make great reccommendations and show you how to properly apply things. Makeup counters at the mall are great too but be very specific about what you want. All of these people work on commission so while they're very helpful they can sometimes be pushy about expensive products. Write down what kinds of products, colors, shades, etc, you're looking for and bring it with you.

you can always go to macy's and find one of the makeup counters..they'll be happy to help you..

MAC, clinique...etc.

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