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Can you give me basic makeup advice?

Ive never used it much and now when my girls talk about it, im really lost. Also, is it a good or bad idea to have your eyeshadow match your outfit?Can you give me basic makeup advice?
Stick w/ neutral eye shadows - it's the easiest.

Don't match eye shadows to your clothes. Choose colors that enhance your eye color.

A few of my favorite links for makeup how-tos:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>Can you give me basic makeup advice?
Use minimal amounts, especially when you start out!

Your make up can match your outfit, so long as the colours arent exactally the same.. its best to have complimentry colours so that they can play off eachother!

Start off with a primer.. go to MAC and pick one up there.. or to Sephora and get Smashbox's photo Primer..

It helps apply your foundation by giving you a nice smooth prepped surface to work on.

Also.. when using a foundation.. I personally think foundation brushes are the best thing going.. there is one by Cover Fx sold at Shoppers that is fantastic.. but you can choose any brand..

Put a little foundation on your hand and dip your brush into it.. apply it on your face .. making sure it blends with your neck.

Next use a powder to set the foundation.. A talc powder works best. Make sure once you dip your powder brush in the powder to tap it to get off excess powder. Move the brush around in circlure motions around your face.

If you choose to you can use a bronzer all over your face using a very large powder brush ( try Arbonne's No Sun Bronze.. again making SURE to tap the brush out before you put it on your face.

You can also use a bronzer to highlight under your cheek bones and on top of them.. along the bridge of your nose.. the bottom of your chin and along the sides and top of your forhead.. but make sure you blend it very well.

Use a blush brush ( not the one that comes with blush you find at a drugstore because they arent big enough to use to blend and it will look streaky).. start at the apple of your cheek and sweep it outwards.. make sure to tap your brush.. and then work the blush in by brushing downwards.

Next apply a maskera.. you can also try an eyeliner or eyeshadow first.. by a good set of brushes, it will make trying these things out alot easier... when using eyeliner try making small dots along your lashline and then connecting them while you get use to it.

There are sooo many tips and ideas and tricks out there on make up.. the best way is to go out .. get your basics.. foundation, blush, maskera, eyeliner, lipgloss... and most important GOOD brushes ( I personaly love MAC brushes).. and then just take some time to get use to it and try it out..

Also a good way to learn would to be to go to a counter, such as MAC or Sephora and ask one of the Pros to give you a make over and ask them to tell you what they are doing as they go along and what works for your skin!

Good luck and I hope I helped you get started
Its only tacky to match your shadows with youroutfit when your a beginner an know nothing about blending which only comes from hours of experience. Since you havent been playing in your mothers makeup since u were two i would suggest that u start by playing up your natural colors. Loreal has a quad (a compact with 4 colors in it) The colors are gold purple burgandy and a soft pink I would add a soft muted brown to go with that. On your lid from lid to brow bone i would use the gold in the crease you can use the burgandy color. Thats just an example of what you could do with those colors. From there you could add pencil or liquid liner in black or brwn.

A nude lipstick and some gloss or no lipstick skintone liner an gloss
No, don't match your outfit with your eyeshadow... that looks really tacky. You should always wash your face to remove any oil or grease before you apply makeup and use a nongreasy, oil- free moisturizer to make your skin look and feel supple and dewy. Don't overdue it on your makeup because you don't want to look like a clown or worse hooker. There are so many do's and don'ts it will be impossible to name them all. But most of it is common sense.
Makeup really is just a matter of personal preference and depends so much on your ';look.'; Matching your eyeshadow to your outfit is not tacky at all. It just depends on your overall look. Try it and see what YOU like :)

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