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Do you have any makeup advice for dark skin?

I have brown skin, and have never done makeup before. What are a few simple tips that I can do? I want something natural but noticeable!Do you have any makeup advice for dark skin?
I have brown skin, too!!!! congradualations, you are very much envied. First of all, keep your beautiful skin by putting a 40-50 spf sunscreen on EVERYDAY even in the winter. I look 10 years younger than the people I graduated with because of this practice. I use Neutrogena's Sheer spf. Then I take a loose powder and brush on your face. The stickiness from the sunscreen creates a good base for the powder to stick to. Then take a big blush brush and put a coral and/or a pink or blend them both on the apples of your cheek. Brown eyeliner on the edges of your eyes and Mac makes a good creme eye shadow get a coral or a vanilla cream. (Orange color looks so good on olive skin) Curl your eyelashes and I use Revlon mascara with the white end and black end. The white end is a primer. Your lashes are so thick when you put a primer on and then the mascara. A sheer lip is always so natural and pretty. Have a great day.Do you have any makeup advice for dark skin?
First of all, you must start with a good base! Since you have darker skin apply foundation only around your eye area and around your mouth. Finish up with a nice blot powder. The best feature a women can play up is her eyes; so go buy a makeup brush and since your just starting with make-up use a nice gold color. Once you've mastered that you can play with a larger color palette. As for cheeks never use brown/bronze/golden blush. It always looks really unnatural. When it comes to lips you may want to just stick with a clear or lightly tinted lipgloss- unless your over 25 and you might want to use lipstick at that point.
try these make-up styles

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i am Mexican so i have a hard time finding the right foundation that matches my skin sometimes especially from winter to summer. My skin darkens over the summer and lightens over the winter. I would suggest going to a cosmetic station to have them match your skin. That worked best for me. They are happy to help and can give you tips on how to apply the make-up. i personally need a full coverage foundation since i don't have flawless skin so i use a lighter color than my foundation over my eyelids and under my eyes (to reduce dark eyes). I then use my foundation over my face (a liquid or cream) and then apply blush and finish off with a powder to give my face that smooth/flawless look. Since i have darker skin, i like to use all sorts of colors that people might not normally wear like : greens, purples, blues. You can really use any color you's just going to be harder for the lighter colors to show on us. You can use what is called a primer (a color primer will help bring out the color you want to wear). For example: if you wanted to wear pink, put a pink primer on your eyelid and then add the pink shadow. This helps the eyeshadow to stick and stay on your eyelids and will bring out the color. You can always be neutral as well and use bronzes and browns which i love to do too! You just need to experiment and you can get ideas from for ideas on different make-up ideas. Good luck!
one rule, never ever use a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone. try looking for a yellow based foundation in deeper tones. dark skin looks fabulous on shimmering make up, infact you can use lots of colours in deeper hues %26amp; still look great. try neutral colors for eyeshadow but make sure it's in a shimmer ones. lipglosses are great too. Remember that enhance one look at a time. if you want a dramatic look, go for darker eye make up but pair it down with neutral lip gloss %26amp; a touch of mocha/peachy blush. Try experimenting! the possibilities in make up are endless.
As far as drugstore makeups go, I think that Loreal and Cover Girl are very good for women of color. Both have excellent coverage and give the skin a smooth, even, natural looking tone. Before using either one, use a good moisturizer with spf 15 (or higher) underneath and the makeiup will glide on beautifully.

You can accentuate you eyes by using lots of very black mascara(don't get it clumpy) and a black eyebrow pencil or liner to line your eyes and make them stand out for attention.

Good Luck!!

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