Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Makeup advice>??????

My girlfriend(wife) we are 16 have 2 kids we were stupid at now we are having two work and go to school we are graduating this year. I am going to college starting this summer.

Later this week my gf and I are taking a little honeymoon. We need a brake.

So I was able to get a good honeymoon rate at a hotel for 2 weeks. I know the owner and manager. We have lots of stuff planned. But she also wants to put a portfolio together. What she can to with makeup. I volunteered to help her with that. So did my sisters.

So I have to let her put makeup on me. But she does not know a lot about makeup. She knows how to apply it.

My questions are?

I am lucky to have her. I am willing to do anything to help her choose a cheer even if she decides to be a stay a home mom. She has wanted to do this for a while but I was like another time. So now I am. I ruined her life by getting her pregnant. But she still likes me a lot. I need to show her more appreciation .

1. Is this wrong for me to do this?

2. What kind of Foundation should she put on me?

3. What kind of Blush should she put on me?

4. What kind of Mascara should she put on me?

5. What kind of Eyeliner should she put on me?

6. What kind of lipstick should she put on me?

7. What kind of Lip gloss should she put on me?

8. What kind of eye shadow should she put on me?

9. What kind of nail polish should she put on me?

10. What kinds of glitter should she put on me?

11. Should she put Waterproof makeup?

12 What other kinds of makeup should she put on me?

I promised her I will go out on buy the makeup. She does not know a lot about makeup .

I know nothing. Please helpMakeup advice%26gt;??????
go and buy male makeup for yourself or even better have them do a makeover for you and your problems solved.

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