Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Makeup advice?

does anyone know a good website where i can get some makeup applying tips? you know, what should go where?Makeup advice?
Here are a few good ones that I would recommend:Makeup advice?
you know u can also try Report Abuse

Tips for great skin and good makeup鈥?/a>
MAC and have make up experts that you can email for advice and they can give you a personalized consultation based on what info you give them about your features.
you should watch that one tyra banks show episode where they learn how to apply make up. its kinda crazy but it looks pretty
Bobbi Brown is the best - try
I'm not sure about applying tips, but Sephora has some great products. If you live in a decent-sized community, try the makeup counters at Sephora, Nordstroms, Macy's, etc., they can help you and are usually free, don't feel pressured to buy products but go at a non-busy time
i would try seventeen magazines, they can really help you.


just try girly websites.
I suck at applying makeup to but you are to beautiful for make up go to , for tips\health and beauty or carol's daughter .com
Go to the Maybelline website and go see their how to videos!
Yes here they are. Good luck!鈥?/a>

I hope these help.鈥?/a> oh and this one is GREAT!!! this one is probably the best
try searchin'; makeup tips'; on yahoo so it can you links to website or go to
Maybelline has some videos that show you how to apply make up.鈥?/a>
I sell mary kay go to my website and click on tips and trends then click on application tips!

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