Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Does anyone have good makeup advice?

I need some makeup tips for how to do my makeup daily. I want it to look nice, but be easy enough to be able to fit in before school or whatever. Best answer goes to whoever can list all the steps and give me links to where to buy the products used. Thanks!Does anyone have good makeup advice?
Hmmm...i think you should post your pic before asking this question cause its kind of hard to tell you what kind of makeup would look good on you. BUT i still wanna try=]

ok..depends on how old you are if your 14 and under then you shouldn't put any makeup on.

But if your older the 15 then first you should put cover up on.

then put on a little bit of powder and then some mascara and some lip gloss.

Try to use very natural and light looking makeups.

if you think you don't need any coverups then just use regular powders.

I would recommend you use MAYBELLIINE NEW/NOUVEAU DREAMMATTE powder.鈥?/a>

HERES what i use:

-First i would like to apply coverup on[MAYBELLINE superstay silky foundation or i would use the NEUTROGENA natural look blemish treatment](but sometimes if i m out of time i would just put on some powder.)

-Then i use the Maybelline DREAM MATTE powder or the LOREAL BARE NATURALE gentle mineral powder

-then i start to put some mascara on(i use a lot of other ones like DEFINE-A-LASH mascara or Plump potion or umm lash stylist etc.

[oh btw if you want you can put eyeshadow on but put it before you add mascara]

-then i would just add some lip gloss on i usually use the Rimmel london's Vinvl Gloss

at last just look at your self in the Mirror and see what ur missing=]

Does anyone have good makeup advice?
here are some really great books about make-up advice. i promise, they are worth it! they show you what to do, what to buy, etc.

1.Sephora, the beauty authority : the ultimate guide to makeup, skin, and hair from the beauty authority / by Melissa Schweiger.

this book is by far the best makeup book ever! i'm serious, check it out.

2.Universal beauty : the Miss Universe guide to beauty / Cara Birnbaum.

this book is really good too. it has all the inside tips of the beauty pageants.

3.Cool hair : a teenager's guide to the best beauty secrets on hair, make-up, and style / Vincent Roppatte and Sherry Suib Cohen.

you can either buy these books at barnes and noble or you can check them out at your local library.(just go to the library's website, search for these books, and put them on hold)
first deside what makeup you are willing to put on every morning. i ussually put on blush, alitte bit of cover up on zits or red spots, mascara, and eyeshadow. i dont like eyeliner because it is kindof hard to use and may take a few tries which can ruin your makeup since you must keep removing the eyeliner. so first clean your face and dry it well. then if you have any spots on your face add a little coverupand blend it in as well as you can. then aply a neutral blush (make sure it's not too far from your natural skin color.) After that add some eyeshadow i like to wear fun colors but it depends on the rules of your school. i like to use a shade of one of the colors that are in what im wearing. if you dont use a colorful color then pick a neutral color or a shimery gold color also you could use a dark grey or black for a smokey look.using black or grey doesnt mean you're going emo because smokey eyes look really good on some people like Demi Lavato! put your shadow on the eyelid only when its higher than that its just too much. when thats over aply mascara to your upper lashes and to your lower lashes add clear if you have it. then add a pretty lip gloss and you're done.
Hello! Just stick w\ the basics.

1. Foundation.... is a must

2. eye shadow

3. eyeliner

4. mascerra

Put these on in order. It will look GREAT!
always stick to neutral colors usually dark colors are for the night scene dont try to match with clothes either thats a nono what kind of complexion do you have?
i love MAC makeup. they sell it as Macy;s and its simply amazing.

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