Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Light brown caramel hair with black eyebrows, makeup advice?

My hair and eyebrow combination is kind of like emma watsons.

I have long eyelashes too and medium light skin.

When I wear eyeliner my eyes sometimes look smaller.

How should I do my makeup in a NATURAL looking way?Light brown caramel hair with black eyebrows, makeup advice?
what i do when i want to achieve a natural look, like you, i have brown eyes and medium skin, what i do is use a dark brown and put that on the lid, and put a white-ish ivory around the crease area. it looks really natural and pretty. (btw don't forget eyeliner and mascara, if you want you can put the eyeliner on the bottom and top of the eye)Light brown caramel hair with black eyebrows, makeup advice?
i would just not wear eyelinger,

all i wear is mascara and this one makeup called

';Almay Smart Shade';

it works soooo well. It pretty much keeps your same skin color but evens out the tone, and you cant tell at all that youre wearing makeup.

with black eyebrows and caramel hair i wouldnt wear a lot of makeup or it would make you look fakeish, ya know.

so yeah that makeup is amazing for me:D

givee it a tryy;

okay, i have a friend that has the same issue! if your eyes are actually small, go for matte neutral eyeshadow colors. i would just go for one on the lid for a simple look. then, line only your top lash line with brown/black eyeliner (whichever you prefer). I love MAC makeup all around, they have such great products. so if you're looking for some new makeup, look at the MAC counter/booth/store nearest you!
Well what i would recommend is, brown mascara, maybe some gold eyeliner and if your into eye shadow i think i would recommend a nice light brown or just a nice white shimmer. Hope this helps a little.
Use natural eyeshadow (like a brownish)

black mascara

no eyeliner

natural powder for your cheeks (put it a little upper like on the cheek bone)
wear light amounts of eye shadow greens/pinks/purples =]
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