Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fashion an makeup advice for a teen in need?

im 14, and i go to an all girl school. we have a dance with the boys school in a week, and i realy want to impress my 5.4, short wavy brunette, and im really insecure about my body. how should i dress/do my makeup to look pretty but not fake? hair tips too would help.Fashion an makeup advice for a teen in need?
hey im 15!

and my boyfriend is almost 17

and when i went to a dance back in december he said i looked goregous. this is how you should do it.

be light on your make-up! guys hate too much make up!

if you have blue/green eyes, and light colored hair wear black eye liner.

if you have brown eyes wear a bold eye liner like green or blue.

if you have darker hair wear a grey or brown eye liner.

use a little bit of rosey blush to make your cheeks look nice.

-if you have red hair i don't suggest it though.

have your eye lashes stand out, long black and thick eye lashes, use eye lash curler if desired.

wear sparkle eye shadow, no color in it, just sparkles.

and a light natural color lip gloss.

for hair:

if your hair is short, straighten with hair straightener.

if your hair is long then curl it and clip half of it up in a flower clip that matches your dressFashion an makeup advice for a teen in need?
you're going to get lots of advice about what to wear...... i suggest no matter how you feel you act confident. not snobby, but self-assured. fake it if you don't feel it. let him know you like him, but that you don't need him.
Oh wow hey im 14 and am very confident!!! im a brunette with med length wavy hair what i do is i straighten my hair perfecly with a Chi and flip it a little bit out and makeup is easy you should do it right .... and wear a cute skirt with a top nio kidd. but what im wearing to my dance is shorts and a cute top and stuff because you can get crazy and some dances !!! LOL but yah totally im thinking a soft golden shimmer eyeshadow %26gt;%26gt;%26gt;

Try natural makeup. Bronzer, dusted on with a big, fluffy makeup brush. Curl your lashes. Apply one coat of mascara on battom lashes and two on top. Next, apply a nude, or light lipgloss.


Leave your hair wavy. but pin back the front section of your hair with a cute clip:鈥?/a>


If its formal, try something like this:鈥?/a>

If its casual:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

LASTLY, don't try too hard, it will show!! Good Luck! =]
just mascara and a very light foundation. try a powder and translucent powder if your skin is acne prone and oily. natural styled makeup is better. remember when your there to be proud of how you look and who you are and know that you will have fun and probably impress your crush and even if you dont there is always someone who likes you even if u dnt know it
I am 15 and when I dress up I love to do a purple smokey eye, so instead of using black and grey use light and dark purple. Also do foundation with a little pink blush and eyes with mascara but no eyeliner.
wear a light eyeshadow, it looks nice, but not fake

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