Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How do you dress and be scene? Teasing advice, Makeup, clothing?

Im not a poseer!

I have scene hair, but i havent figured out the correct way to tease. and i lovelovelove the makeup and want to do itt.

cloothing advice would also help.

dont waste my time with stupidd remarks pleasee; :)How do you dress and be scene? Teasing advice, Makeup, clothing?
for the hair:

before you tease it, you should always blow dry it upside down to get max volume. then you need to pin up the top layers of your hair and tease in sections starting from the bottom. before you backcomb though, spray the roots with hairspray,i recommend aquanet. it works great and its really cheap D: dont tease the top layer,ever! it looks gross if you do!

for the clothing:

try wearing skinny jeans, bright colors, animal print, etc. or even just plain denim ones. wear some band tees but make sure you know the band,ahahha. to accent the pants, try a studded belt. i prefer white pyramid studded ones. as far as shoes go, wear vans slip ons, nikes (custom are mad radd) or even classic converse,lol

cute jewerly like long pendants and such are common to wear and stuff. bright colored bracelets and lots of them too are cute cute cute!

for the makeup...

its basically like eyeliner on the top and bottom of your lashlines. i recommend liquid on top for the point at the end,it looks more precise with liquid in my opinion. maybe even a bright colored eye shadow. lots of mascara on top and bottom or try fake eyelashes.

ahh,i hope this helped. sorry its so long! D:

kthxbai%26lt;3How do you dress and be scene? Teasing advice, Makeup, clothing?
Looking scene is all about the big hair, colorful clothes, and dark jeans. When I tease my hair I pick up layer by layer (starting with the bottom), put hairspray lightly in, and tease the hair under the layer you picked up, then put more hairspray in. Continue going up until you reach the very top layer by your hairline. You always need hair covering the teased parts, never let any snarls or tangles show. And also try colorful bows in your hair. Dark skinny jeans, colorful shoes- possibly converse, colorful jewelery, etc. All about leveling it out with bright and dark colors. For makeup just lots of eyeliner, and bright eyeshadows. Hope I helped!
for your hair use hair gel ... and over your eye lid is a darker color and you go lighter up thats why you use eyeliner first
It's not worth your time...:( honestly,
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