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I need some makeup advice, for blue eyes?

I have big blue eyes and I honestly am clueless when it comes to doing my own makeup, somehow I can advise other people...but that's not my point.

Anyways, what eyeshadow should I use, and how should I apply it? And any other eye makeup tips for blue eyes and pale skin would help too. Thanks :]I need some makeup advice, for blue eyes?
here are some great tips for u

# Choose an eye shadow that complements your blue eyes. Shades in the brown, rose and violet families are best. The warm hue of these shades contrasts with the cold tone of your blues to really make them pop. Use a shade that is darker in tone than your eye color to make your baby blues shine

# to enhance blue eyes is to line the inner rims of your eyelids with a white liner. This really opens up the eyes and magnifies the blue color. Try adding a touch of shimmering white or pale silver eyeshadow beneath the brow to further enhance blue eye color. Be careful not to overdo this to avoid a harsh, overly made up look. Finish up with a coral lipstick which can further magnify your eye color.

# Select a brown shade of eyeliner. The harshness of traditional, black liner will take away from the natural beauty of blue eyes. Choose a dark or medium brown liner to highlight blue tones.

# Blue or brown mascara can help highlight blue eyes by making your eyes look bigger. Take the mascara wand and apply the mascara. Start at the root of your eye lash and coat the lashes to the tips. You may want to apply several coats to get the full effect of the mascara.

# Apply a light or neutral tone blush and lip color. Keeping the rest of your makeup minimal will naturally draw attention to your eyes.

# Another way to enhance the color of your eyes is to get a light tan on your face. The dark contrast of your skin against your lighter eye color can be quite striking. To avoid sun damage, consider using a self tanner or bronzer which will be healthier for you in the long run.

# For a smoky, sultry look use dark, grey tone shadows and liners that do not compete with the blue of your eyes.I need some makeup advice, for blue eyes?
Since you said you have pale skin, try not to go with colors that are too dark. I have pale skin as well and eye shadow that is really dark overwhelms my face and is just better to avoid.

In my personal opinion, you should try not to do blue shadow on blue eyes. Go for something a little warmer - browns, tans, etc.

If you feel that those colors aren't doing much for you, you could try some of those premade collections for specific eye colors. For example, I think Almay does them. So you could buy a pallete for blue eyes that would give you appropriate colors.

I'm no expert, but I hope some of this helps. :]

Good luck!
browns greys and golds make blue eyes absolutely stand out.

use black mascara and brown eyeliner unless you prefer black which makes eyes look very bright.

pat on the eyeshadow it will make the color be evenly distributed.

good luck!鈥?/a>
I think Green Eyeshadow would look cute w/ blue eyes and Maybe a light shimmery purple or pink..

but thats my opinion. =]
I think smoky eyes would look cute :) But what are you wearing the makeup with ? Casual, or formal?
Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

Color Tips

One of the basic things that you need to keep on mind while choosing an eye shadow is the color of your eyes. If both of them don鈥檛 gel together, your eyes will definitely stand out (I mean sarcastically). In case of blue eyes, colors like icy pinks, silver, gold and violet, in different shades, work the best. Even taupe, gray, lavender, turquoise and fuchsia are also pretty good. In case you also have a hint of green in your eyes, mint green is a great choice. Black, mixed with another color, will look great at night.

Items Needed

Base Coat Eye-shadow Cream (usually white)

Three shades of Powdered Eye-shadow

Eye-shadow Brush

Pencil Eyeliner (Smoky Gray, Khaki Gray or Taupe)

Pencil Sponge



First of all, you need to cover your eyelids with a white cream base coat eye-shadow. For the purpose, make use of your fingertip and not a brush.

Pick any color in a powdered eye-shadow, with three different shades i.e. dark, medium and light.

Take the dark shade of eye-shadow and brush it into the crease of the eyelid. The eye-shadow should spread to the skin above and below the crease.

Now, use the medium shade of eye-shadow and dab it on the center of the eyelid.

With the help of the eye-shadow brush, extend the color across the entire lid, making sure to blend it at the point it meets the dark shade.

Finally, use the light shade of eye-shadow and apply it under your brow.

With the help of the brush, extend it downward, so as to blend it with the other two shadows.

Take a soft eye pencil and draw a line above the upper eyelashes and below the lower ones.

With the help of a pencil sponge, rub over the line very gently. This will smudge the liner a bit and give your eyes a soft look.

Finally, apply mascara, of a shade that is consistent with the color of your hair and eyebrows. Usually, medium or dark brown mascara is the best.

1. Are your eyes a deep dark blue? The color of sapphire? Blue intense blue that is so dark that it borders on purple? If so, you can wear almost any color of eyeshadow 鈥?even darker colors. However, limit the lightest eyeshadow colors for highlighting.

2. Are your eyes mid-level blue? This color range shows a distinct blue tone and you can wear everything from light eyeshadow to mid-range colors. The darkest eyeshadow colors can be used in the crease areas and to line your eyes with.

3. Are your eyes light blue? If you have light blue eyes then undoubtedly you鈥檝e encountered problems choosing eyeshadow colors. Light blue eyes can be overpowered by darker colors. Choose soft eyeshadows in the middle color range and limit the use of darker color. If you find a darker color that you just love, then use it line your eyes.

4. Are your eyes gray-blue? Sometimes it can be difficult to tell. When you wear a blue sweater they probably appear blue, but if you wear a gray one they probably look gray. Then again, gray-blue eyes also have a tendency to appear green. While this may seem like a problem at first, it鈥檚 actually a benefit. You can actually match your eyeshadow to the color of your clothes.

Good Luck!

Hope i could help

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