Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Anyone have shiny skin and makeup advice?

i seem to have shiny skin, so i usually wear a blotting powder from victoria's secret, and the bare minerals over that, sometimes with Lancome concealer to. but i always get greasy by the end of the day. and i always blot with the VS powder throughout the day, but it makes my skin look flaky from the bare minerals not staying in place.

my question is what's a better makeup/ care regemin for shiny skin?? also how can i keep my makeup in place?Anyone have shiny skin and makeup advice?
The question is whether you have oily skin or is the product you're using oil based? If oily skin - an oily skin care regimen. I like's moisture balancing for my oily skin. I masque 2-3 times weekly to control my oil and get rid of dead skin cells. I also use the vitamin c serum to exfoliate and keep the zits zapped before day/night moisturizer. If product is oil based, change. Also, I find that mixing product lines doesn't work wellAnyone have shiny skin and makeup advice?
use an oil controlling moisturizer, then find an oil controlling fluid foundation, forget the powders, they will only make you oilier.
I would try a oil-free foundation. MAC has a great kind that I use.
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