Wednesday, December 2, 2009

If you could give on piece of makeup advice, what would it be?

Here's a fun question:

If you could give one piece of makeup advice to other girls, what would it be?

I'm a very laid back person, so my one advice is to always have chapstick with you. It seems lame, but I chapped lips are never attractive and I love the way it gives your lips a soft glossy look.

If you think this question is fun, give it a star! I think it's going to be cool to see what other girls do for their makeup!If you could give on piece of makeup advice, what would it be?
Never go dark on your eyes and lips at the same time. If you want to wear dark eyeshadow, wear a nude color on the lips. If you want dark lips, wear a neutral shadow and light cheek color.If you could give on piece of makeup advice, what would it be?
well for my makeup I just use brown eyeliner, or black eyeliner depending on where I'm going, and mascara. I never go anywhere without eyeliner and mascara. I just feel my face looks bald with it on. haha. I just love the way it makes my eyes really pop.

But for other girls, my makeup advice would be to never cake on makeup. Too much makeup looks extremely fake. Always go for a natural look during the day. For nights out, make the main focus on your eyes.

Always wear waterproof makeup. And just what you said, always bring chap stick with you anywhere.

Only use foundation(especially the power ones)if you're an expert on applying it to make it look natural. Otherwise, just go for tinted moisturizer if you need it. If you have nice skin, always skip foundation and tinted moisturizers. You do not need them. And for you girls that do wear it, make sure the product doesn't clog your pours. Foundation won't cover up all the bumps. If you want good makeup, you have to have healthy skin.

Yup, I talk a lot, but is tricky stuff. haha
Lightly blend foundation/mineral powder onto neck and decolletage as well as your face, otherwise you could end up looking two-toned.
Wear sunscreen! It doesn't prevent you from tanning/getting some color; it prevents you from skin cancer(!) and really bad sunburns. :]
keep it as natural as you can.... to much makeup is never attractive.
moisturise every day! If you have nice skin - you don't need loads of makeup!
Less is more when it comes to makeup!! go natural!
less is more
never 'cake' ur face in so much powder

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