Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Makeup Advice To make Eyes look bigger?

Can someone give me makeup advice of how to make my eyes look bigger? I whould like it if it was easy to do in the morning or on the road.

If it helps any i Have hazel eyes, a pale complexion and wear glasses.Makeup Advice To make Eyes look bigger?
White eyeliner works, but here is a quick and easy trick that I learned watching America's Next Top Model.

You know how when you line your eyes, you sometimes make a teeny line up, like a checkmark, to make the ';cat eye'; look?

Well, if you make the line downwards instead, it makes your eyes look bigger by extending your natural upper lashline!Makeup Advice To make Eyes look bigger?
wear eyeliner on bottom and liquid eyeliner on top and add a little more eyeshadow the same color as the eyeliner and liquid eyeliner hope this helps
Put eyeliner the whole way around the eyes. Also, try the natural lid lengthening suggestion from the person above me. That's what I do.
Wear eyeliner on the top and bottom and mascara鈥?/a>

have fun!
how about white eyeliner ;)

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