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Makeup advice for a middle schooler?

I am 13 years old and need some makeup advice. What lip gloss color should I use, should I use a bronzer, should I apply mascara to upper and lower lashes, what shade of blush should I use, should I use eyeliner, what color eyeshadow should I use? I have blonde hair and brown eyes and fair skin. Please help me on this? Remember, this would be my school makeup routine.Makeup advice for a middle schooler?
This depends. If you have good skin I suggest little to know on skin makeup (blush, bronzer, foundation, etc)

Because you're only in middle school a good mineral foundation will be good if you want coverage.

Use a light pink blush that will brighten your face.

For eyes I suggest just a touch of mascara, no eyeliner, or eyeshadow.

That's it!!! Oh and also these are just tips! You don't have to wear any make up! Just do what makes you feel beautiful.

Makeup advice for a middle schooler?
I'm 13 as well almost. I use bronzer because I'm always pale in the morning. For lip gloss, I like using sheer lip gloss, because I like the natural look, but sometimes I use a pinkish. For mascara, I just put on Define-A-Lash volume from Maybelline, waterproof (that's a must). I apply it mostly on the top lashes, but if I want to, sometimes I put them on the bottom. For blush, I think a pink-peach color would be cute for you, not too dark. Use light brown colors for your eyes...and I don't like using eyeliner. I think natural look is the prettiest. (But I don't use eyeshadow much, but if you want to!)
Remember, less is more, so don't go mad with your eye make-up,

I don't think theres any need for bronzer and blusher, at thirteen your skin should be pretty flawless.

If you are going to apply make-up such as bronzer or foundation to your face, keep it natural and try and get a foundation with mosturiser in it, you don't wan't to ruin your skin [get spots ):] at such a young age.

Hope this helps x
natural is the way to go.neutral shades of lipgloss.something that goes with your lips and enhances their color and size.maybe a lip plumper by clinique?tweez your brows obviously,dont use blush unless you feel it is neccesary.if you have pale skin then use something nice.not too noticeable.if you got rosy cheeks already...then no blush at all.use a creamy foundation that matches your skintone exactly.sprays applied with a sponge applicater are the best thing to use.for the eyes, use something light.white....peachy pinks...something could go bold but the way to go.use a white...peachy pink....mascara....curl your lashes before hand with a spoon if you dont have an eyelash curler....lookit up on youtube cuz thats where every tututorial is....then just use a clear or natural mascare.brown for someone wit natural brown hair...clear for someone wit natural blonde hair....bronzers are a one right now uses bronzers and im in the 8th grade too.natural is the way to sorry but natural is the thing that gets guys and its the thing that enhances your beauty and natural seriously is the way to go.look beautiful and be yourself.if you go with the natural look...people have to go up to you and talk since they wont think you are a slut...whore...all them types of words.
baby pink lipgloss.

LIGHT LIGHT amount of light colored bronzer

use only a lengthening mascara and a little but of any color liner on your upper lid( i don;t believe in putting it on the rims of your eyes)

Light pink blush(applied lightly)

and if you want an shimmery peachy-gold shadow

hmm wear like a light pink lipgloss, just use a powder foundation that matches your skin, and i would suggest some brown eyeliner under your eye, and some brown mascara on your upper lashes. don't get black eyeliner or mascara, it won't look good. and maybe some purple or pink eyeshadow, those both make brown eyes pop.
your only 13

dont use the bronzer or blush

use a black eyeliner on top lid

eyeshadow just do whatever looks good for ur outfit but not a lot

just use clear lip gloss or light pink

i find when i put mascara just on the top it usually rubs off onto the lower lashes too, so just go ahead and put it on both
Honestly if you have nice skin, no discoloration or breakouts... don't wear foundation or concealor. Just draw attention to your eyes with eyeliner or mascara. Then for a finishing touch, lip gloss. That's all you'll need since you're only 13. Stay beautiful =)
Try a pale pink gloss, if you have really light lashes use a brown mascara and a brown eyeliner pencil. Just use the mascara and the eyeliner on your top lid. Use blue or purple shadow it will make your brown eyes stand out.
Black eyeliner on top and bottom. Black mascara on top lashes.

Shimmey beige eyeshadow, clear lipgloss, and that's it.

i'm 13 too. I wear



-lip gloss-pink



put as much on as long as you feel confident in it otherwise dont put loads on

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