Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Travel makeup advice desperately needed?

I am planning on a taking a trip to Germany, to visit a guy friend that said we'd be more than friends if it weren't for the distance. And the flight is about 10 hours roughly. I need advice on what I should do for makeup, so i look fresh, and make him fall in love with me again if not more. If it helps, I have a fair/pale complexion, and blue-green eyes and I am strawbery blonde. Thanks for answering.Travel makeup advice desperately needed?
When you're travelling, it doesn't make sense to pack your whole make-up bag. Here's how the experts travel light

When it comes to packing up a beauty bag for a few days or a week away, no one does it better than a make-up artist. These experts are always on the go and can be found on desert islands with just a tube of gloss and still manage to make someone look gorgeous. How do they do it? 'By travelling light,' says Terry, MAC's leading make-up artist and Head of Make-up Training. 'You'll need a few basics such as mascara, lip gloss and a base for the skin, then everything else should be dual-purpose,' he states. Needless to say, he's a great fan of MAC's Cream Colour Base in Tint (拢11), a great pinky beige colour which suits virtually all skins and can be worn on the eyes, lips and cheeks. 'A good moisturiser is essential, so choose one that you can wear a little or a lot of depending on what your skin needs at any given time,' he says. You can also mix moisturiser with your usual foundation or concealer to create a lightweight base that's more comfortable and beats the parched, dry air of an airplane. Prescriptives In Flight Cream (拢35) and Guerlain Blue Voyage In Flight Serum (拢39.50 for 3 mini jars) are both designed to combat excessive dehydration caused by cabin pressure. For lips, Terry loves mixing lip balm with lip colour to create a variety of textures from ultra sheer for day to more intense for the evening.

UK make-up artist Roxanne New spends half her year working on photographic shoots abroad. 'Whether I'm in the heat or skiing, I always take waterproof mascara with me,' she says. Lancome Eternicils (拢15) is her favourite. 'It's perfect in all climes, and if there's one item of make-up I'd never be without it's a mascara,' she says. Like Terry, New is a fan of creamy blushers. 'They make great three-in-one travel products,' she says. 'Nars Multiple in Palm Beach (拢26) is a fabulous bronzing shade that's fashionable in warmer weather, and Bobbi Brown Essentials Art Stick in Pink Mocha gives skin a beautiful radiance (拢16.50).'Travel makeup advice desperately needed?
Wear natural looking crazy colors. but if you must wear something bold, try metallic gold or silver. just don't overdo it. If you do something crazy with your eyes, be mild with the rest. a natural shade of lipstick would do.

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