Wednesday, December 2, 2009

10 points to the person who gives best makeup advice?

I am almost fourteen, intelligent, and going into a new school. I am fair (half Italian... I get my skin from Northern Italy) and the typical Blondish/light brownish dark blue eyed girl. I love to wear pink. Can someone give me advice on eye makeup? I want a kind of natural looking one, cause I don't want to look like a slut. I am opposite of. Anyway, I had a tumor on my nose, and had a lot of surgeries so its kind of wrinkly. 10 points to the person that can tell me colors and the order to apply and everything that goes along with it to make me look like a pro. I want to look good for my first time in a new school :-)10 points to the person who gives best makeup advice?
I always think light and dark blue eyeliner looks cute on blondes. Black even looks good but try to get the point a little flat so it doesnt look like a straight line on your eye. I dont really like eye shadow, though....However, some girls look really good when they just put a tiny bit of eyeshadow right above their eye lashes.

If you really want to put on coverup and feel that you need it, you can try going to a mall where all those makeup and perfume counters are and they could probably tell you which shade will match your skin the best. You dont want something too unatural.

I would start by making sure your face is clean and then putting just enough of the coverup on a sponge and dabbing evenly on your face. After that, put on the eyeliner (safely lol. and not too much). Then try a tinted chapstick or clear lipgloss. They always look great and some of them taste good too haha. Always make sure you clean your face real well at night, too.

If you want any specific color tips, I'm always here. Hope that helps!!10 points to the person who gives best makeup advice?
I have Italian looking skin (though I'm Australian) and dark blue/grey eyes. I wear black eyeliner but you have lighter hair so maybe wear a brown. I think black liner looks best with blue eyes though. To apply it like a pro get your finger and pull back the skin were there top and bottom lashes meet. If thisdone right your eye should look really oval. The take your sharpen eye pencil and do a thin line as near to the lash as possible. Make sure you line on top of the lash not under it. I would wear black mascara. Dont use too much because otherwise you will either look like a **** or an emo. I like golden eyeshadow or silver. Metallic colours are great!
The trick to makeup is to make it look like you don't have any on. Make it look natural. Use a nice base or foundation, I prefer bear minerals because it looks so natural and it doesn't clog your pores which is good for your skin so you don't get more pimples. Blue eyeliner is great for all hair and eye colors. Dark black mascara is the best for all. I recommend a light eyeshadow like a pale pink or purple. Just don't put as much eyeliner and eyeshadow on that it's really noticeable and you'll look beautiful!
my suggestion is to take a light foundation and apply it all over just to even things out

. then apply a bronzer to your cheek bones.

. and to go with that italian skin. a gold eyeshadow.

apply it just over your lid and if you want to look a little more dramatic..apply a light bronze in the crease of your eye.

then line the outler corner of the top and bottom of your lids with a chocolate brown liner.

finish with a lip shimmer..try burts beas lip shimmer, in champagne.

hope this helps hun and have a great school year!! ;]
First off you have to find a really great foundation. L'Oreal Flawless Liquid Makeup and L'Oreal True Match Liquid Makeup are two really great foundation brands. Apply them with a makeup sponge. And try and match it with your skin when you go to the drug store.

Then experiement with different eye colors. Try blues, purple, green, and some silver since your eyes are blue, but you can also use black, gray, and brown. See what kinds you like!!

And then apply a light eye liner to your eyes and then add waterproof clear or black mascara

And then add a sheer or pink lip gloss to your lips and you are ready!!

Good luck!!
Use a bronzer and then mascara and eyeliner on your eyes. Use a cute, sparkly lip gloss. If people ask about your nose, don't let it get to you, just calmly tell them what happened and they will not bug you again. :) :) :)

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